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girl from down tha street

she said she been wanting me to fuck so i said can i tape the shit and here it is. comments get more videos

28 responses to “girl from down tha street”

  1. glenn says:

    nice dick….i bet it felt good as hell

  2. choccplnc says:

    glad to see you trust and fuck anyone with a rubber… LMAO Hope ya around to make more.

  3. foxhound says:

    This video is wassup, but I’m gonna need you to put a condom on!

  4. top611 says:

    we only telln you the truth where a condom brother we want to see you in a couple of yrs!

  5. yepnigga says:

    yo that shit was hot just like the last one…keep doin yo thang just like you doin bruh…that shit hot as fuck….you dat nigga dawg

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great vido — way to do it!!

  7. Ronx says:

    I want some of that dick!

  8. tyjuan says:

    wow that looks like it was going to come out of her mouth lmfao

  9. dieselburner says:

    you’re one lucky bitch to have a cock like that!! keep the videos cummin!

  10. amenra1955 says:

    Bet that shit felt good as hell.

  11. This thugg’s fuckgame is spectacular!!!! He can open up dis tight pussee 8 days a week!!!!! Even the thought is making ma moist!!!!!

  12. skettel says:

    he is such a show off he needs a bitch like me……….

  13. julio36 says:

    Dayum, dats a beautiful phat sweet black pussy!! she takin dat 9 in dick like a pro!!

  14. username1962 says:

    Girl got a Fine ass and pussy. Great action video, only 1 problem: Baby girl didn’t make one sound during the video. Is she mute (can’t speak)?

  15. rookiecookie says:

    dayum, that dick is nice. i wish you can fuck me like that. that bitch is taking it. dayum!! i mite run a lil bit. lol

  16. Cellblock says:


  17. fuckin while watchin transformers lol

  18. blaq901 says:

    Super hot. They needed a little more light tho.

  19. lastdon40 says:

    good job playa!

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