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Lunchtime fun with Coworker

Coworker used the code phrase "Im going to lunch to get a hot dog". Translated to "Come take care of the puss puss". So handed over my house keys and told her I would meet her there. On the way I noticed camera was in the so, so decided to video secretly.

3 responses to “Lunchtime fun with Coworker”

  1. kwolf443 says:

    you cranked your cock the whole time .

  2. dgoldenlady says:

    Ironic! I have the same bed, am the same complexion as her, have “dimples.” When I first saw the video, I was like WTF taped me! lol

  3. slick225 says:

    Yo, where you from dawg, I think I know her. LOL

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